This is what a quarter-life crisis looks like

This is what a quarter-life crisis looks like


Yup, guys, this really happened. I went to the store after the gym (yes, thank god, I haven’t completely given up on my health) and just wanted to get in and out. I knew I had PB and J at home but no B (er, bread) so I had to get that. And I picked the cheapest one there. And then I walked down the canned food aisle and grabbed Spaghetti-o’s (because those scream childhood and simpler times to me) and f course I couldn’t pass up the Mac n Cheese without snagging a box. And then I was like, Oh man. This isn’t good food. So I grabbed two cans of fruit cocktail.

Like, I couldn’t even go and grab a bunch of bananas.

Guys, this is what a quarter-life crisis looks like. Holy sh*t.

Basically I am writing this post for a couple of reasons. One, I am human. I fuck up when it comes to my health. Like, big time as you can see. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get back on track. Crap happens. It’s life. I can keep eating French fries like they’re going out of style or I can say to myself, okay, that’s a bit much. Time to stop visiting McDonalds almost daily.

Second, I just wanted to apologize for not blogging for twenty days. Ouch. I know you all aren’t sitting at your computers hitting refresh nonstop wondering when the next SkinnyFat installment will publish, but I would love it if ya’ll didn’t give up on coming back to check in on the blog every now and then. Which reminds me… if you want to subscribe to the blog and get a weekly update with the latest ramblings, you can subscribe at this link:

So while I don’t really have a good plan in place to start getting my health back on track, I do have some thoughts about what will inspire me to get things headed in the right direction, and I thought I’d share them with you:

  • 100 Days of Real Food is an awesome blog with this mom who manages to make like really awesome things for her family to eat. I follow her on Facebook so I get her stuff in my newsfeed as a constant reminder that if I’m even one-tenth as awesome as she is, that would be super.
  • I always giggle when I see stuff from Thug Kitchen show up in my newsfeed. Really good food coupled with a great dose of naughty words and sassy attitude. Loooove it.
  • PsychologyToday is probably a site I should visit more often. So when I’m feeling sad and mopey I can read articles about being happy or something.
  • I will crack open The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet and will actually consider making something out of it. Like, seriously.

Anyway, I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. Wish me luck!